Does 24Options Deserve Your Trust in Trading? Yes or No?


For sure, you have heard and seen a lot of binary options companies that many of us doubt to be scammers, wasting our time, efforts and all our money that we had invested which is the saddest part of the story. Now, you will be introduced to one of the most known companies which is the 24Options and for you to prove whether this company is legit or not, here are the following revelations that you will be shocked about.


Legit or Not? You want an honest answer? 24 Options is hereby offering to you an honest and legitimate trading service that will present you proofs that will provide you all the means that this company is always true to their services. This company is one of the members of the most exclusive list that brokers trust as well as being highly renowned and respected in the industry and these companies are inspiring people to escape from the prison of being financially scarce.

A big appreciation is given to the regulation of the CySec for this is such a helpful way of eliminating those scammers as well as to revoke any kind of suspicious activities being done inside the company together, this works with the very user friendly platform with a world class customer service that will make everything run smoothly for a fair and accessible trading activities done.

There may be particular yet very minimal issues when it comes to the company of 24Option and one of the reasons is the fact that they no longer serve traders and customers coming from the United States with the EU Regulation. This is somewhat good news to the people of Europe and with the EU clients.


Another known yet not that brutal issue addressed with the company is that since this one had been declared as regulated, there happened the decrease when it comes to their average return with just 2 percent. Yet you never have to worry with this kind of regulation, there is a big advantage with this when it comes to your investment security and protection knowing that money is everything that circulates here. Then actually, the fact that the company is still assuring you that the return of your investment will always be 87%, this regulation issue seems to be very minimal.

What’s another ultimate proof that the 24Options company is a fully legitimate one?

This company is just one of the most proud to represent itself as the pioneering company that has been working in the market since the year 2009, making a very welcoming and competent company in the industry. As of now, the company is being known to be owned by the Rodeler Ltd. But then the company had been owned by the company named Cyprus Security Exchange Commission which is mentioned above as the CySec, and is been registered to the FCA, or the British Conduct Authority in April 12 2013, as well as in Germany’s RodelerBaFin. The company had their latest expansion, built an office in the United Kingdom.

The company had done so much innovations that developed it into a fully website based as well as with the platform of TechFinancuels, that known to have a slow yet a smart way of growing for the company believes that things must be done slowly but surelyand this offered a lot of advantages towards their investors for the reason of providing them not just the most user friendly tools but with the smartest tools for them to win the game. It also cannot be denied that the company is having one of the best user interface together working with their other features making the company an outstanding one. Speaking with their user interface, you will be able to conclude that the company offers a very simple navigation with their website.


Trading process that is being done through the website is as easy as using the offered live charts as well as just clicks through the assets and if you would really like to check closely your assets, you will no longer have the need to browse with any other pages because as soon as you click your assets, you will be able to view all your needed information through pop ups and this is very accessible for all of you traders out there. This too is just one primary reason why you must check out the company if you are up for trading.

There were so much improvement that you will see since the very day that this company has founded and there’s still a lot for you to wait for in the future making your trading stuff an all in all success and with easier clicks and winning chances.

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What is Binary Book?

Nowadays, there seems to be more and more Binary Options trading brokers, which is exactly what Binary Book is. It is a relatively new trading broker on which you can trade Binary Options and try to make some money. However, people seem to think that this particular binary options broker is not that safe and secure, and that is why most of them are avoiding it. And we are going to tell you why that is so, and what the truth behind this Binary Options broker is.

Well, first of all, people need to know that the Binary Options brokers really ought to be regulated. Well, there is no law that claims this, but a regulated Binary Options broker really ought to be regBinary-Options-trading-signalsulated, because it proves to the traders that the broker and its trading platform is completely safe and secure, and that the traders’ money is completely safe there. Well, the problem with Binary Book lies in the fact that this trading broker is not regulated. This means that people do not trust it that much. Also, many people would recommend you not to trade here exactly because of this fact.

There are also problems with money withdrawals, as some people notice. This also causes folks to believe that there is a scam going on, but it could just mean that this Binary Options broker is just not that well operated. Whatever the reason for this may be, the fact still remains that the traders cannot withdraw their money, which is a bad thing, and because of which almost no one would recommend people not to trade on this trading platform.

But, perhaps the very worst thing about this Binary Options trading broker is the fact that more than 60% of people that have used it do not feel that they could trust it. This means that people do not believe that their money is safe there and that the trades conducted there are not fair. So, if the people that have traded there thing about it this way, we cannot even imagine wMobile-Trading-BinaryBookhat those that have not yet had the chance to trade there think. All they hear are bad things, and will probably never trade there. This leads us to believe that this trading platform is a scam and that people should never trade there. Perhaps the truth is a bit different, and that it is the incompetence that is the main issue here, but the fact remains that no traders should ever trade here.

One more thing that the people don’t like about this trading broker is the fact that they promise a lot, but never deliver. This is a clear sign that this is a sign, and especially if you are being promised impossible things. Never believe such claims, and always try to be objective and realistic. You can never become a millionaire in just a couple of months, so whoever tells you this is trying to scam you, just like this trading platform is trying to scam people.

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What are the top 3 Best Binary Options Brokers?

Binary Options trading has become an increasingly popular activity; in fact, many people do not consider it an activity, they consider it to be their job. This type of trading can make you very rich, but it can also make you lose your money, if you don’t know what you’re doing. That is why it is very important to learn how to trade first, and only then get into it. This will make you get to know all the tips and tricks of this job, and will make you see how the process of trading gets done.

However, only knowing the tips and tricks of the jobs is not enough, because you need to know where you can trade. You need to find a place that is safe and affordable; so all in all, you need to find the best possible Binary Options Broker, where you can conduct those trades. But, which one of them is the best; how can we know that? Well, we give you a list of the best Binary Options Brokgoptionsers, so you don’t have to lose any time over it. Just read up this article, and see if you agree with our list of the best Binary Options Brokers.

The first on the list is a broker names GOptions, and if you’ve ever heard of Binary Options, you’ve probably also heard of it. It is a broker that owes most of its popularity to the fact that it is located in the United States of America, and that it allows the American brokers to take some part in this action. It’s bonuses are unlimited, which is a great thing, and another great thing here is the fact that the deposit is not that big, only 200 US Dollars. The payout is very high, it amounts to 90%, and those are all of the things that make this Binary Options Broker one of the best ones there is.

The second on this list is Boss Capital, a broker that is seated in the United Kingdom. This broker may only have a payout of 85% (which is considerably lower than some other brokers from this list), but it has some other qualities that set it apart and make it this popular. One of the things that the Binary Options Traders love about it is the fact that the bonuses amount to 100%, which is awesome! Another great thing about it is the deposit, which is fairly low – only 200 US Dollars. All this items combined makes this Binary Options Broker the second best Binary Options Broker out there.

And finally, the third24Option place on our list of top three Binary Options Brokers is taken by 24Option, a very famous broker that has been in this game for a long time now. It is based in the United Kingdom, and it’s great features include unlimited bonuses, and a payout that is ah high as 89%! And even though it has very positive features, there is one feature that some people out there won’t like – it’s 250 US Dollar deposit. But still, it is considerably lower than deposit on some other Binary Options Brokers that we haven’t included on this list.

Also, there are some others good examples of trading platforms, such as Big Option, but they’re not as popular and highly trusted as our top 3.

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Short Trading Guide For Binary Options


Binary Options trading is the type of trading that gathered many people from all around the world together, with the objective of earning money from trading stocks, bonds, shares or even currencies. This market is relatively new, when we speaking about the online trading. The proof of how serious this trading become is the fact that online brokers emerged, with all their advice and tips on how to make your trading business successful. You can choose a various brokers, some of them are good while some of them aren’t, but they together can tell one thing that is sure: this is very risky business, and according to that, you earn big money if you invest big money. In this article, I will try to give a brief presentation with useful tips for trading with binary options.

Trading-StrategiesFirst of all, when you choose the trading platform, you can start with their demo account. Demo account is very useful, especially for novice users who don’t have much experience in this business. At the same time, it’s excellent playground for people who are already familiar with these things to get used to the interface and system. This demo account provides you trading in a real time, so it’s a valuable way of learning how to trade. But most of the brokers will allow you to use this demo account for a short period of time, when you have to make a deposit and start trading with real money. That is why I would recommend IQ Option system.
When you prepared yourself for the real trade, and made a deposit (which is $200 usually), first of all you have to determine a viable method of finding profitable trades. You have to develop your own trading strategies, which usually takes months, but that is crucial for your profit. Constant research of the asset you are aiming at is a MUST, if you want profit. In the beginning, you can’t count on monumental profit, but rather on small which will slowly get you to the top. It is better to have 10 successful trades daily that will bring you some pocket money , than have one big trade that will bring you money every third day.

Omv-E9b0GzoNow you have to select a broker. You must understand there is no a universal broker that will bring you millions. Every broker is good for itself. Anyway, when you choose your broker, have in mind these things:

  1. Choose the one that enables you to use software without difficulty,
  2. Find the right one that has the assets you want to watch,
  3. Look for good rates of return, since every percent is crucial in this business
  4. Pick one that has a lot of option choices (range options, double touch etc.)
  5. Look for rebates – some brokers offer up to 15% money back on your lost trade

Finally the most important thing is patience. You have to be patient – otherwise you will start playing emotionally and lose your money. Like someone said, emotions have no room in trading, but logic and research have, which means you have to rational all the time. If you feel you are becoming angry, leave it. Chill for a couple of hours or days, and then come back with positive thoughts and more will for winning.

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Binary Options Signals Robot Explained


Some binary options traders are just not that confident about their trading skills, and they prefer to let their trading be done by a binary options signal robot, like Quick Cash System, and they need to know is it safe or not. Now, this piece of software is not only limited to those who are not that experienced in the trading field, it can also be used by the people who don’t have enough time to trade, those who do not quite understand the trading process, etc. So, basically, all people can use this software, because it is safe and rather simple.

poster_event_143516The binary options signals robot is ran by a series of algorithms that can be set up by you, which means that you can operate this software the way you want to. It is quite good for all the beginners out there because it is not that difficult, and it is good for all the seasoned traders. And the great thing about this software is the fact that it is compatible with all the major binary options trading platforms out there, so you don’t have to worry about that.

What’s awesome about this piece of technology is the fact that it is completely automated, so even the people who know noting about trading can make some money, because the machine does everything for you. You don’t even have to be there! And if you, as a beginner, do not posses this machine, you’ll have to spend a lot of time figuring out how the trading process works, what are the tips and tricks of the job that you ought to learn, looking at all the charts all day long, learning the terminology, etc. So, this way, you’ll save time, energy and spare yourself of all the stress, and you can do something more productive with your time.

binary-options-robotSo, now that we’ve seen that this piece of software is a great thing, let’s see all the advantages that it can offer. Well, first of all, due to the fact that it is a completely automated, it can be launched and even installed rather simply. All the people that have this software will make some money the easier way – while doing something they love, and letting the binary option signal robot do its thing. And when it comes to the very advantages of the robot itself, they include the fact that this piece of technology is completely automated; that it has an average winning rate of around 80%; that it is extremely easy to use and install; that there is no need to read hundreds of books about it, you just let it do its thing; that most companies offer their clients money back if they are not satisfied with the work of the robot; and that it is compatible with all the major technology producers, which means that it works fine on all the computers, as well as all the mobile phones, including tablets, Android devices, and iPhones. So, after hearing all of this, why not get yourself a binary options signal robot, and trade the easier way?

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CherryTrade – 101

gI_139784_CT_banner2CherryTrade’s number one need is the achievement and benefit of their brokers, they find themselves able to perform this by giving their merchants with an extraordinary learning base, unimaginable knowledge into the universe of exchanging and a brilliant general exchanging background. CherryTrade was established in late 2013 by some of the today’s driving examiners and monetary agents overall and have their base camp in Gibraltar. They are as of now an exceptionally positioned business in light of their extremely secure, sheltered and reliable stage.

CherryTrade Trading Platform

CherryTrade utilizes the to a great degree tried and true spot alternative stage, to guarantee that their untouchable stage is dependably state-of-the-art with the most recent innovation, and continually turning out with new components and increases to help them enhance an everyday schedule. They offer 6 distinctive exchanging alternatives that incorporate parallel choices, sets, long haul, 60 seconds, one touch, and stepping stool choices. CherryTrade now additionally offers I follow which is an exchanging apparatus where brokers can consequently take after fruitful merchants, exchanging live, specifically on the site.



Return on Investments

With CherryTrade, brokers can exploit the most astounding payouts in the business today, with up to 85% on twofold alternatives, up to 550% one touch, and an amazing up to 1500% on stepping stool choices. With exchanges that end out of the cash CherryTrade offers between 0-10% repayments.

Uncommon Features

CherryTrade offers more than 100 tradable resources in four unique markets that incorporate cash sets, items, records, and today’s driving stocks. CherryTrade’s best element is their top level instructive focus where merchants get individual instructional courses via telephone with expert coaches on demonstrated techniques, which is vay better then in some other platforms like IQ Option. The base sum per exchange is $25 dollars for double choices and $5 dollars on 60 seconds. CherryTrade now offers the I follow exchanging apparatus where customers can benefit from CherryTrade’s best dealers progressively on a day by day, week by week, month to month, and year premise. Stepping stool choices are one of the freshest and most imaginative augmentations to CherryTrade where merchants can get benefits of up to 1500% in as meager as 30 minutes. They additionally offer the Double up and Rollover includes that permit merchants constant alternatives on their exchanges.

Cherry-long-termCherryTrade Deposit

Saving with CherryTrade is snappy, simple and torment free with the base store being $200. Customers can store utilizing a Credit/Debit card, Moneybookers, Neteller, Cashu, and bank wire exchanges.

CherryTrade Withdrawal

Making a withdrawal is simple and should be possible right from the site, once the customer’s record has been confirmed. The base sum for making a withdrawal is $100. Withdrawals, as a rule, take between 3-5 business days to transform. While the withdrawal is being prepared the customer can cross out whenever and those stores will be returned straightforwardly back to his/her record.

Client Support

CherryTrade’s client backing is accessible 24 hours a day, 6 days a week by means of email, telephone, and live talk. CherryTrade’s group of profoundly prepared specialists are exceptionally proficient and snappy with any inquiries regarding the stage or exchanging.

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